Bondar School Closure Update: March 24

Bondar School Closure Update: March 24
Posted on 03/24/2020

Dear Bondarians, 

We hope that this email finds you and your family healthy and well.  Our March Break week has officially come to an end and all of our staff are now back online during this unusual shut down of schools.  As you know, our school celebrates daily kindness acts. To help with creating a bit of normalcy in your households we have attached (below) the daily acts of kindness from our announcements for the next two weeks - remember to be kind to each other. 

As we start into our first week of the closure of all Ontario schools, from March 14th to April 5th, we want to thank all of our families for their help in the effort to reduce the spread of Coronavirus.  The information being provided at this time shifts daily and we will do our best to adapt to the changing landscape and keep you updated. Please continue to check on the OCDSB website for updates and the most recent information being provided, and check your email for further communication, including communication from your child(ren)’s teacher.   

Electronic Communication:

At this time there are many unanswered questions about how we will support home learning. One thing we do know is that most of the support will be provided online. Most of our Bondar families have access to the internet, and our staff will be reaching out to parents over the next few days. We are concerned about families who might not have access to the internet. If you are aware of a Bondar family without internet access, could you please share this information with them? Our goal is to connect and share learn-at-home resources with *all* Bondar families, including those families without internet access.  Any information that can be provided to help support this effort and connection is greatly appreciated and will help to inform future support needed for our community.  

Talking to Children About Covid 19

These are uncertain times for both children and parents. As adults, we seek a balance between ensuring that children have the information they need to stay safe, and not wanting to cause undue anxiety, particularly in younger children.

The OCDSB shared the following website with tips for how to talk to your kids about COVID-19. It's an American site but contains helpful tips. Click HERE to check it out.  

Some key points and recommendations include:

  • What the virus is.
  • How to stay safe (frequent hand washing and keeping your hands away from your face).
  • What a credible news source is (i.e. official government sources, the World Health Organization), and being critical of what we see and hear online.
  • How to be cautious without panicking, and the importance of staying calm while continuing to stay safe.
  • Respond to your child(ren)’s questions and concerns honestly, at an age-appropriate level. Comments meant to reassure, such as “It will all be fine,” or “Don’t worry about it” can have the opposite effect, because it dismisses a child’s legitimate concerns.
  • Ensuring that children still have structure, including regular bedtimes, morning routines, regular exercise and time outside.
  • Not keep the news on all day. The ‘24 Hour News Feed’ is not healthy for children (or adults). Children who are old enough can watch the news, and then take time afterwards to discuss and ask questions with parents, but all-day news coverage is not helpful for anyone’s mental health;
  • Ensuring that children understand the importance of social distancing. If possible, accompany your children on walks and to the parks to model social distancing;
  • Modeling for your children the importance of regular hand washing and coughing into your elbow/sleeve. 

A video which answers a lot of questions in an age appropriate way: BrainPop- COVID-19

We will be in contact with updates as more information becomes available.  If you have questions please feel free to email our school email address and we will do our best to respond in a timely manner. 

Be well,

Deb Woods and Jeff Griesbach

March 2020: Daily Acts of Kindness


March 23


March 24


March 25


March 26


March 27

Play a board game or cards with your family.

Take a relaxing shower or bath.

Cook together and eat together.

Keep your house clean by putting things away after you use them.

Tell your family a joke.


March 30


March 31


April 1


April 2


April 3

Talk to each other about how you are feeling

Think positive thoughts

Don’t put yourself down

Only turn on 

lights if you really need them. Turn them off when you leave the room.

Smile at your 

neighbours as you pass them on the street or wave out your window to them

Do your chores without being asked. Make it family fun and turn up the music.

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